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Bug#46533: Let's make non-syslinux rescue floppies available, too.

Juan Cespedes <cespedes@debian.org> writes:

> slink's version of syslinux is a bit old, and since then, versions
> 1.43 and up should work with almost all the machines which had
> problems before.
> So, for potato it may not be necessary to supply alternative boot
> disks.  I have never received any failure report with syslinux-1.43 or
> later.  Anyway, I'll have to investigate all the previous bug reports
> to see if they are indeed fixed.
> If you know ok any system which failed with slink,
> please tell me if it still fails with later versions of syslinux.

Sounds fair enough -- and it's less work for us (boot-floppies team).

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