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Bug#46533: Let's make non-syslinux rescue floppies available, too.

Sorry for that dumb mail...

Ganesh Sundaresan <Ganesh.Sundaresan@quantum.com> writes:

> Here's the motivation: I have seen at least two motherboards that don't like
> the standard rescue floppy supplied with slink. This one uses "syslinux".
> One recent example is documented in my response to bug 45507. When I make a
> rescue floppy using an alternative boot method, e.g. "kernel", with the
> "mkrboot" tool, I find that it works fine on these motherboards. This
> alternative rescue floppy uses the same kernel and "root.bin" as the
> standard syslinux-based floppy. Only the boot method is different.  

slink's version of syslinux is a bit old, and since then, versions
1.43 and up should work with almost all the machines which had
problems before.

So, for potato it may not be necessary to supply alternative boot
disks.  I have never received any failure report with syslinux-1.43 or
later.  Anyway, I'll have to investigate all the previous bug reports
to see if they are indeed fixed.

If you know ok any system which failed with slink,
please tell me if it still fails with later versions of syslinux.


Juan Cespedes

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