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Re: Bug-list & Wish-list

>	thanks for the response.

You're welcome. Please retain the CC to debian-boot -- I don't do much
work on the boot floppies other than documentation and bug maint.

>Adam Di Carlo writes:
> > Ideally, the boot-floppies "post install tasks" system could be
> > adapted to check for an xserver which looks valid and ask whether the
> > user wants to try to configure X.
>	Agreed, that sounds ok.  The point is that it is better if the
>installation asks for the install and uses the best possible package
>for the X setup (XF86Setup is the best for that today) rather than use
>a (currently) half baked xf86config! xf86config is nice but doesnt
>have some useful things in it like some newer pointing devices (esp.
>the MS Intellimouse and the like).

I think you have a point.  Neither technique helps the user pick the X
server package to install either.  And any system oughta be

> > Well, the boot-floppies takes care of network configuration, which is
> > responsible for populating /etc/resolv.conf.  If pppconfig were to
> > later come in and modify this, that instead would probably be a bug, I
> > think...
>	But it could add a list to the search path like
>search xxx.yyy.zzz, aaa.bbb.ccc ,...

>I know this is not optimal (and can be sometimes slow) but pppconfig
>is most useful for home users where they dont necessarily have a local

That's up to the user to do, IMHO.  Or else to do it when the
configure the network.  There's nothing PPP-specific about it.

> > But I agree with you.  I'll take a look over the Installation Manual
> > and see if something needs to be changed here, in the hope that people
> > actually read that.
>	The installation manual is great.  I liked it but as you say I 
>really dont know how many actually read it seriously. 

Well, at least we can point to it and say, RTFM.  ;)

>	I plan to use the BTS.  Will do that sometime.  Currently I am 
>at home and my connect rates are very poor. :(

Bugs are just emails to bugs.debian.org.  You can submit bug reports
offline -- they won't be sent until you go online, like any email.

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