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Re: Bug-list & Wish-list

Prabhu Ramachandran <prabhu@aero.iitm.ernet.in> writes:
>  Here are some minor bugs. (Warning - this mail is long)
> 1. X not configured when installing.  Earlier (in hamm) somehow
> XF86Setup would be run after an xserver was installed, however slink
> never asks one if one wants to configure X at all one has to do it
> manually.

I agree this is a problem.  OTOH, configuring the X server at package
installation time is not actually the best idea.  If you did that, and
had problems configuring X11, as so many do, you won't be able to
complete the installation.

Ideally, the boot-floppies "post install tasks" system could be
adapted to check for an xserver which looks valid and ask whether the
user wants to try to configure X.

> 2. Sound related devices were missing (/dev/{dsp,mixer,audio} etc.) -

Fixed in proposed-updates, makedev (2.3.1-21).  We need to get this
into stable and rebuild boot-floppies for slink to fix it, and I can
assure you it won't be a problem in potato.

> 7. pppconfig - when configuring for a provider the pppconfig script asked me
> for the nameservers (primary and secondary) but never asked for a domain
> i.e. a domain name corresponding to the search entry in /etc/resolv.conf. 
> Since I connect to college via ppp and need to telnet around quite a bit I
> find this feature useful (since I don't have to type out the entire name of
> the remote host I connect to) and so had to add the search entry manually in
> my resolv.conf.  Would appreciate if this were automated in the pppconfig
> script.

Well, the boot-floppies takes care of network configuration, which is
responsible for populating /etc/resolv.conf.  If pppconfig were to
later come in and modify this, that instead would probably be a bug, I

> 8. While updating the packages in dselect on needs to put in the
> second CD first (multi-cd).  This information is in the README.multicd
> (I guess) but wouldnt it be nicer if the user was told to put in the
> second CD during some point of the install rather than expect the user
> to have read all the README's?  Fortunately for me my friend Arun
> helped me during the install and told me of this "insert the second CD
> first" deal.

apt-cdrom is the way to go, and use of apt-get rather than
dpkg-multicd is what we're doing for potato, AFAIK.  Actually, apt-get
will probably be the *only* installation method supported in potato
(less is more!).

But I agree with you.  I'll take a look over the Installation Manual
and see if something needs to be changed here, in the hope that people
actually read that.

> 10. Where are the LDP docs? install-guide, Linux users guide, etc. Are 
> there no deb packages of these docs??


> 11. Why are'nt infodock, oo-browser, hyperbole and the like packaged??
> Sure Xemacs rocks but some folks prefer preconfigured setups, besides
> the oo-browser is really useful.

I thought Emacs20 came with that oo-browser?

> 7. Before trying out debian I feared dselect but come to think of it
> dselect is pretty nice and powerful.  Maybe initially it is a little
> daunting but it sure is not some thing to be feared.  

Wow, great to hear you say that.

As for your other bugs, could you file a bug against the packges in
question?  Use the 'bug' or 'reportbug' commands in their respective
packages (reportbug is unstable only).

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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