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Problems booting on a Alpha1000A


We try to install the Debian distribution on a Alpha Server 1000A
(noritake-primo) and we have some problems ....
We have made two floppy disks installation (rescue.bin and drv1440.bin)
These disks was made with dd
At the SRM console prompt, we have entered : boot dva0
At the console screen, theses lines appears :
(boot dva0.0.0.1000.0 -flags 0.0)
block 0 of dva0.0.0.1000.0 is a valid boot block
jumping to bootstrapcode
aboot : linux/alpha SRM bootloader version 0.5
aboot : switching to OSF/1 PALCode version 1.22
aboot : booted_dev = 'dva 0 1000 0 0 0 0 0', guessing boot_device = 'fd0'
aboot : loading plain ....
aboot : unexpected object file format 13
aboot : loading compressed ....

unzip : unknown compression method
Enter kernel name and arguments
aboot :

We need really some helps ....
Please reply directly to me as I am not subscribed to the list.
mailto : damien.nicolas@crpht.lu


Excuse-me for me very bad english  :-))

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