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Re: Disk size solution !?

> > The problem isn't code.  In fact, superformat supports this as well.
> > The problem is that large sized floppies are not always going to be
> > read properly by the BIOS.

Onno <ebbin200@tech.nhl.nl> writes:
> This is solved by 2m by patching the BIOS at boot, the boot
> sector holds the patch and then gives control to the normal
> boot routine. There is even a patch for -old- XT BIOS's.


> It was not ment as 'sugar' but to solve the problem to hold a 
> Linux 2.2 kernel on the boot flop. I could be wrong but I thought
> that there was a problem to fit the nessesary boot stuf on 1 flop.

Yes, it's possible that we might need to do this sort of thing.  Tom's
boot-disk seems to work quite well.  I hope we don't have to, however;
I'd almost rather split boot and root disks.

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