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Re: Status for PowerPC Pmac and CHRP?

> I've seen nothing about boot images for the Pmac or CHRP like I've been
> doing for PReP.
> I know we have space problems for floppies, but I'd imagine other people
> have built the images and tested them over netboot or something (burn a
> CD?).
> It would be nice to know if boot-floppies for everybody else on PowerPC...

I build serveral cd-images for powerpc + src, but i have some problems with
it (yacs-0.3):

image size is 1.4GB big for the first cd, or only 34MB, or if i add the prep
rescue2000.bin to the boot directory i get

 Size of boot image is 4000 sectors ->
  Error - boot image is not the an allowable size 

It seems eltorito likes really only 1.44 or 2.88, no size between it. 



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