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Ignoring dependance on "important" packages?


I am wading through the profiles/tasks master file. To make the thing
easier to handle, I will kill all explicit dependancies.

task foo contains bar and baz. bar depends on baz. I will remove baz
from the profile. This will reduce the size (so make it easier to
manage the whole profiles thing). And apt will fetch the dependant
packages anyway. Currently it is not consistant anyway. Either include 
all directly dependant packages (libc etc.) or non.

Secondly, I believe I can also remove the packages with
priority important from the profiles. They are suppose to be installed 
anyway no? 

At least dselect has them always marked for installation. Or is there
a list of packages with priority > standard that is selected with

I am not sure about this second thing, so I request your opinion and
knowledge about it.


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