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Re: installation Profiles and Tasks

>> "James" == James R Van Zandt <jrv@vanzandt.mv.com> wrote:

James> I think there should be packages that are equivalent to the
James> profiles and tasks in the boot disks (so users can add a task
James> later).  Preferably, the profiles and tasks should be derived
James> from the packages (so they stay synchronized).

The idea is, that the task and profile packages will be part of the
distribution for later use. When you select one of the new profiles or
task during, only this task package is marked for installation with
dpkg --set-selection, not the individual packages as done so far.

The pkgsel script could still be used, as it gives more info like size 
of the profile/task.

The other option is to make sure, the task/profile packages are listed 
first in the default view of the package management tool. But this
will mean hacking dselect, something I am not capable to do.


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