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installation Profiles and Tasks


I am interested on working on the profile and task thingy for the

Could someone enlighten me about the current developement and
intentions? The archives were not very chatty.

I see Stéphane Bortzmeyer listed in the README. Is he still
responsible for this part of the installation?

As far as I see, the profiles and tasks should be ordinary packages,
which can also be selected after the initial setup (a FAQ on
debian-user: how to I restart this profile selection).

Adam Di Carlo made a list of things to fix in the equivs package
before it is useable for this, and I addressed them all, so the equivs 
package can be used to create these packages.

I made such packages before (although using equivs only for the
skeleton, as it was missing features) for the slink GNOME update, and
the packages work remarkably well.

So my thoughts for this part of the installation:

- Switching to regular packages 
- Significantly reduce the installation size of the profiles/tasks.

  I used the profiles once for a setup of one new user, and they
  installed that much of software that I needed more time to deinstall
  the unwanted packages than I would have needed to select just some
  standard packages.
  Profiles installing emacs19 _and_ emacs20? Is this needed?
  Installation of any X game in the "Homemachine" profile? I say away
  with this. xfishtank in "Scientific Workstation", "Standard
  Workstation" and "Administrator box"? Come on.

  I think Paul Seelig has some forther advice and good thought about
  this, so I will consult him.

As you see, I want to take a rather radical approach on this. So if
you think I shouldn't work on the profiles, as my approach on them is
not the right way, please tell me.

In my eyes, the profiles as there are in slink are rather
useless. They are bloated, and a one-shot solution. I think a cut is
the best way to turn them into something useful.

So tell me if I should continue or get off.


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