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Re: Strategy for boot-floppies

>    Create a 2.88MB floppy to use as ElTorito boot image.  This floppy
>    will contain the kernel and the root image.
> > This sounds good.  I wonder if certain BIOS's will puke on it.

Is this the right way? I thought the only two reasons for a floppy based installation

   * the user has no cdrom nor net connection
   * for router

Can every floppy drive read 2.88, or only newer boards, what about router and user with
an ls120 drive?

We're going to have more and more trouble with this old floppy setup method. We should 
break it and support only cdrom and one 1.44 floppy for routers and nfs/tftp/bootp booting
or to boot from the cdrom.

The current is a big pain and 9 or more base*bin aren't nice, even for the user. 



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