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Re: Problems with pointerize

Martin Schulze wrote:
> For some reason the pointerize binary on master works contrary to 
> the one on my system.  Now I'm able to compile some of the programs
> on the bootfloppies.
> However, I still have problems I seem to be unable to resolve and
> thus cannot work on them.
> As an easy task I compile "make release_notes_test" with TESTLANG
> set to es.  This works fine.  Now for the difficult part, set
> TESTLANG to 'de' and I get a segmentation fault.  The reason for
> the segv is that gettext/pointerize returns NULL instead of *any*
> string.  I thought it should at least return the original text
> if it cannot find a proper translation.  I also get a segv if I
> use 'es' but remove test.trm afterwards.

Thanks to haggie, with TESTLANG=C the program does not crash anymore,
however, I would like to find out what goes wrong.

So can sombebody tell me where I find the routine that is used when
_("Release Notes") is used in the source.



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