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Problems with pointerize

For some reason the pointerize binary on master works contrary to 
the one on my system.  Now I'm able to compile some of the programs
on the bootfloppies.

However, I still have problems I seem to be unable to resolve and
thus cannot work on them.

As an easy task I compile "make release_notes_test" with TESTLANG
set to es.  This works fine.  Now for the difficult part, set
TESTLANG to 'de' and I get a segmentation fault.  The reason for
the segv is that gettext/pointerize returns NULL instead of *any*
string.  I thought it should at least return the original text
if it cannot find a proper translation.  I also get a segv if I
use 'es' but remove test.trm afterwards.

Can somebody please retry this and investigate it?



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