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Re: Joey needs a spanking!

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Joey, don't misunderstand me.  I don't mean to say that you shouldn't
> commit to the CVS area (either slink or potato branch).  I just want
> to make sure that you check that for documentation commits, your SGML
> is valid.  Do 'nsgmls -gues install.de.sgml' to check.

I don't see a connection between this and your first mail...

Besides, 'nsgmls -gues install.de.sgml' produces warnings about missing
symbols - due to several things which are not defined like language,
release etc.  Some of these warnings also occur with install.sgml btw.

How do I set the proper environment so things like &release;, &architecture;
<![ %lang-es [ <!entity www-debian-org "www.es.debian.org"> ]]>
will work.

> > *Except*: I still expect a translation of boot_message for swedish
> > and polish.  Please tell me into which trunc I shall commit them, if
> > they should ever appear.
> Assuming that they are going after a slink translation or slink
> boot-floppies for swedish/polish, this should go in slink.  Go ahead
> and do it yourself, I don't mind at all..




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