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Re: Why minix for root.bin?

pfaffben@pilot.msu.edu (Ben Pfaff) writes:

> Is there a good reason that we use a minix filesystem for root.bin?  I
> don't know of any fundamental reason that we couldn't use ext2; I've
> put ext2 filesystems on floppies before without trouble.  Changing
> from minix to ext2 would allow us to drop minix support from the boot
> floppy kernel, moving it to the modules disk.  
> Moving minix off the boot floppy kernel would save about 13k,
> compressed.  This is looking more and more valuable.

Seems ok to me.  I believe some root.bin architectures already use
ext2fs.  It'd be best if they were all consistent, IMHO.  Also,
remember to tweak out the idode and 'root-only' allocation stuff for
optimal ext2fs space.

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