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Re: Finding base.tgz

>>>>> "dunham" == Steve Dunham <dunham@cse.msu.edu> writes:

dunham> I just tried another tftp install on a sparc with an NFS
dunham> install of the kernel, modules, and base, and I came across a
dunham> couple of issues that could easily be fixed.

dunham>  1. Move "Configure Networking" to before "Install Operating
dunham> System Kernel and Modules" on the sparc - all of the
dunham> networking modules are compiled into the kernel and network
dunham> installs are very common (many machines don't even support
dunham> booting from floppy).

It should be listed as an alternative.  It is discussed in the
documentation, section ``Install Operating System Kernel and

  If you wish to install the kernel and modules over the network, you
  can do this using the ``nfs'' option.  Your networking interfaces
  must be supported by the standard kernel (see Peripherals and Other
  Hardware, section 2.4). If the ``nfs'' option doesn't appear, you
  need to select ``Cancel'', then go back and select the ``Configure
  the Network'' step (see ``Configure the Network'', section
  7.12). Then re-run this step.

dunham>  2. The search process for finding base2_1.tgz takes a very
dunham> long time, and picks up invalid base2_1.tgz files.  (It picked
dunham> up an i386 one which I accidentally chose...)  This can be
dunham> fixed by changing it to search "dists/*/main/disks-$(ARCH)/*".
dunham> (People using non-standard NFS trees can still choose the
dunham> manual option.)

I don't know that this is really such a robust method assumption, and
worry it might garner more bug reports than the current behavior.  I
wish there was some way we could look into the base2_1.tgz file in a
reasonable efficient manner and determine the target architecture.

dunham> I'd also like to remind everybody that we still don't have
dunham> http/ftp support and "snarf" is under 20k.

Open hacking season is always encouraged.  Let us know if you need
instructions on how to get at the CVS repository.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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