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Finding base.tgz

[Please CC me on replies, I don't get debian-boot yet]

I just tried another tftp install on a sparc with an NFS install of
the kernel, modules, and base, and I came across a couple of issues
that could easily be fixed.

 1. Move "Configure Networking" to before "Install Operating System
    Kernel and Modules" on the sparc - all of the networking modules
    are compiled into the kernel and network installs are very common
    (many machines don't even support booting from floppy).

 2. The search process for finding base2_1.tgz takes a very long time,
    and picks up invalid base2_1.tgz files.  (It picked up an i386 one
    which I accidentally chose...)  This can be fixed by changing it
    to search "dists/*/main/disks-$(ARCH)/*".  (People using
    non-standard NFS trees can still choose the manual option.)

I'd also like to remind everybody that we still don't have http/ftp
support and "snarf" is under 20k.


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