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Re: More graphical boot floppies issues

Ben Pfaff <blp@pfaffben.user.msu.edu> writes:
>Jor-el <jorel@ibm.net> writes:
>	   Why do you have to sacrifice MCA support? This is NOT cool. There
>   are lot of MCA users out there (and I am in the process of becoming one),
>   and they will all suffer.
>So they won't be able to use the graphical boot floppies, so what?  Do
>you have a better idea for something to sacrifice?

I think we should sacrifice the "one floppy install" concept, in favor
of separate boot and root floppies.  That would also give us room for
a few more rescue tools.  The last time I tried, "tar" would not
work.  (Yet, the basic system comes in a tar file.  I never chased
down how that works.)  We could also supply sfdisk in addition to
fdisk, and maybe a better editor.

		 - Jim Van Zandt

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