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More graphical boot floppies issues

1. Does anyone have a good idea how to integrate the graphical
   graphical boot floppies into the top-level Makefile?  There's only
   one thing that really has to change: the building of root.bin.
   dbootstrap has to be built linked to bogl instead of newt.  Oh and
   of course a 2.2.x kernel has to be used.

2. I'm trying to strip down a 2.2.4 kernel enough that it can actually
   fit on a floppy along with the root.bin image.  So far, I've had to
   sacrifice a few things:
	math emulation
	Micro Channel support
	VGA text console
   Is this cool with everyone, or will I have to move to a boot
   floppy/root floppy approach for sure?


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