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Started merging graphical boot floppies.

I've started merging the graphical boot floppies tonight.  You'll
notice that there's a new directory boot-floppies/utilities/bogl,
which is where all the changes so far have taken place.  Of course,
you can tell that just from the commit messages.

The other good bit of news is that I've had a email conversation with
Alan Cox tonight.  If you don't know about Alan, he's the top kernel
developer, right up there with Linus in importance, although Linus
always gets final veto.  

At any rate, Alan's taken a look at the vga16 kernel driver that I've
written and he's pretty happy with it.  There's only one change he
wants before putting it into a -ac kernel release, which is a big step
in getting it into an official Linus kernel.  Good news!
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