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Re: changes in dbootstrap i18n (was Re: Hard newlines in dbootstrap messages)

Enrique Zanardi <ezanardi@ull.es> writes:

   On Fri, Mar 19, 1999 at 12:32:49AM -0500, Ben Pfaff wrote:
   > Some of the messages that dbootstrap prints are hard-wrapped to some
   > number of columns.  I believe that libnewt will auto-wrap to window
   > width (correct me if this is wrong)?  Since my graphical boot floppies
   > use proportional fonts, hard newlines screw it up.  Would it be okay
   > to check in modified messages (lang_C.h) that do not have hard
   > newlines?

   You may remove the "formatting" ones (like in "Running LILO to make the kernel
   able to boot from the \n hard disk without a boot floppy..."), but please
   leave the "end of paragraph" ones ("... and initialize a swap
   partition.\nPlease use the main menu to ..."). Also, some messages are
   not being showed using newt, but directly printed to the console
   ("You are running \"ash\", a Bourne-shell clone...").

I have now done so.
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--Voltaire, _Candide_

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