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Re: non-i386 arch mice?

Hartmut Koptein <koptein@et-inf.fho-emden.de> writes:

   > How do mice work on non-i386 arches?  I'm currently working on code to
   > detect PS/2, Microsoft bus, and serial mice for the graphical install.
   > But I don't know anything about ADB or other protocols.  Can someone
   > point me to support code or information for other arches?

   All device related, such as

   atarimouse, amigamouse, sunmouse, adbmouse, ...

Mmm, okay, that should be easy then: it's just like detecting ps/2
devices presumably, see below.

   I've a ps/2 on my powerpc. 

   Detection is hmmm ... not easy. How will you detect ps/2 versus serial mice
   on i386? 

Oh, *that* part is easy.  If you can open /dev/psaux then there is a
ps/2 mouse.  The kernel takes care of the device detection for you.

   And for your last question: for what will you use the 'virtual frambuffer device'
   on x11? It is not clear for me ...

Here's the idea: I don't have an Amiga, so if I were to write Amiga
framebuffer support for BOGL, I couldn't test it.  However, with BOGL
writing to a virtual framebuffer on /dev/fb0, I could then write an
X11 program to read the virtual framebuffer on /dev/fb0 and display it
in a window, thus allowing me to test it in at least a primitive way.
I was wondering if such an X11 program already existed.  (It probably

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