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Re: Merging graphical boot floppies

On Mar 16, Ben Pfaff wrote:
> I would like to start merging the graphical boot floppies support into
> the main boot floppies code this weekend, presumably by making a new
> branch of the CVS.  


> The necessary changes are as follows:
> * A few new .c and .h files implementing the BOGL graphics library and
>   BOWL window library, along with a couple of .bdf fonts and .gif
>   graphics and Perl programs to convert them into .c forms directly
>   usable by BOGL.  Probably be best in a separate subdirectory under
>   utilities/.


> * A replacement for boxes.c, probably to be named boxes-bowl.c, to go
>   in utilities/dinstall.  It would be nice to then rename boxes.c to
>   boxes-newt.c, but considering the way CVS works with renames that
>   might not be practical.
> * color_or_monochrome.c and tzconfig.c call newt functions directly,
>   so it's necessary to add code to them too, or better yet to rewrite
>   them to use the functions in boxes.c (I find the timezone config box
>   a little confusing anyway).
> * Need to add an option to one of the Makefiles somewhere to compile
>   for BOGL/BOWL rather than newt.  In addition it's not necessary to
>   link with newt when BOGL/BOWL are used.  slang might still be
>   necessary--does cfdisk use it?
> Questions:
> * Do I need to do something special to get write access to the CVS
>   tree, or do I already have it as a Debian developer?
> * Any special instructions for creating a new branch?
> * What are the chances of getting this into potato?

You have write acess as a debian maintainer. But i think it is a good
idea to create first only the sub-directory in utilities and not adding
files to dinstall currently. So everyone can co it and test it. 

How will you seperate it:  make 'normal' , make graphical ? 

Your bogl isn't arch/fbdev clean. Please look at this:

gcc -c -g -O3 -Wall -W  -DBOGL_VGA16_FB   bogl.c -o bogl.o
bogl.c:58: warning: type defaults to `int' in declaration of `visible'
bogl.c: In function `bogl_init':
bogl.c:130: `FB_TYPE_VGA_PLANES' undeclared (first use in this function)
bogl.c:130: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
bogl.c:130: for each function it appears in.)
bogl.c: In function `draw_enable':
bogl.c:313: `FB_TYPE_VGA_PLANES' undeclared (first use in this function)
make: *** [bogl.o] Error 1

Btw: look at the CFLAGS line; -Werror is not a good choice. To explain
it a little bit: 

I have not patched the kernel with your VGA16 diff. It must!! be possible
to use the fb-devices in the kernel or as modules, that are available. 
So please seperate it and use only the kernel headers for the
framebuffer devices. 



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