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Merging graphical boot floppies

I would like to start merging the graphical boot floppies support into
the main boot floppies code this weekend, presumably by making a new
branch of the CVS.  

The necessary changes are as follows:

* A few new .c and .h files implementing the BOGL graphics library and
  BOWL window library, along with a couple of .bdf fonts and .gif
  graphics and Perl programs to convert them into .c forms directly
  usable by BOGL.  Probably be best in a separate subdirectory under

* A replacement for boxes.c, probably to be named boxes-bowl.c, to go
  in utilities/dinstall.  It would be nice to then rename boxes.c to
  boxes-newt.c, but considering the way CVS works with renames that
  might not be practical.

* color_or_monochrome.c and tzconfig.c call newt functions directly,
  so it's necessary to add code to them too, or better yet to rewrite
  them to use the functions in boxes.c (I find the timezone config box
  a little confusing anyway).

* Need to add an option to one of the Makefiles somewhere to compile
  for BOGL/BOWL rather than newt.  In addition it's not necessary to
  link with newt when BOGL/BOWL are used.  slang might still be
  necessary--does cfdisk use it?


* Do I need to do something special to get write access to the CVS
  tree, or do I already have it as a Debian developer?

* Any special instructions for creating a new branch?

* What are the chances of getting this into potato?



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