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Re: ATTN: ABOUT PAGE: .../disks-i386/current/install.html

On Mon, Mar 08, 1999 at 09:03:29AM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> >>>>> "Jordan" == Jordan Ilchev <jpi@iname.com> writes:
> Jordan> I found some problems about lowmemory installation section
> Jordan> (7.2) of ?install.html?:
> Jordan> If someone follow the instruction and "Create/Activate the
> Jordan> swap partition."(64MB for example in my case), when normal
> Jordan> installation starts you will be asked again to "Initialize and
> Jordan> Activate the Swap Disk Partition" and at this point you CAN'T
> Jordan> activate your swap partition becomes it?s working (busy)
> Jordan> I think you must fix this confusion in install instructions
> Jordan> !!!
> Ok, I agree.  Lets figure out the proper way to fix it then.

Sorry to jump in this late, but which version of the boot-floppies are
you talking about? On current versions, the active partition is
detected when normal installation starts, so the user won't be asked
again. (There was a bug on previous versions that made the active swap
partition go undetected, but IIRC that has been fixed early on the 2.1.x

> Why do you need two swap partitions?  Just to fulfill a step in
> dbootstrap?  Actually, it's kinda sounding like a dbootstrap bug...

Yes, that was it.

Enrique Zanardi					   ezanardi@ull.es

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