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Re: Releasing Slink (was Re: Please add new version of Release-Notes)

On Tue, 2 Mar 1999, Steve McIntyre wrote:

> 1. Fixes needed for each set allowed in Tue, Wed, Thu and then _no more
>    uploads_ for any reason. At all. None.
> 2. Starting _now_ we have people building CD images for each platform.
>    These will need to be re-done again later as uploads are made, but we
>    need feedback _now_ if there are any missing packages or other CD image
>    problems.
> 3. On Friday final images are made for each of the release architectures.
>    I can do i386 and source, we need volunteers for m68k, alpha and sparc. 
>    Let us know ASAP if you can help. Steve, you willing to do sparc still?
>    In theory, one person could do all of them, but in practice this just
>    does not work. And these need to be sanity checked before we pronounce
>    them ready to go. 
Hmm, I havent heard much from the m68k side yet... with Chris being on
vacation we have a little bad luck. Fortunately I have received two CDs he
has burnt in February and I think a few things have to be changed (for the
use on Amiga only, I can not comment for Atari, MAC, VME):
a few .info files should be added, so users can doubleclick on icons under
AmigaOS to read the readmes, open the drawer with the (amiga) install stuff.
It can be done without these icons (.info files) but its not very user
The amiboot file (^= loadlin on i386) is not executable,which is very bad.
I had to copy the install drawer to harddisk, change permissions and start
the installation from there. The rest seems to work, but I did not do a full
install from CD yet.

I can try to create the .info files tonight, but I dont know why the
executable flag from amiboot is missing. Maybe Chris has forgotten it, but
more probably is, that the flag has to be set in another way, since it
allways worked when I have used the amigainstall archive done by Michael.
Whom should I send the .info files? Who will create the images?
I might be able to burn some CDs here to test if the images are correct


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