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Re: Missing packages for alpha

Christopher C Chimelis writes:
 > On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, Loic Prylli wrote:
 > > This one is more complex, it is an binary-all package that depends on
 > > libc6-pic, not easy to change, best is to completely remove the
 > > dependency, or to remove it from binary-alpha.
 > Couldn't it depend on libc6-pic | libc6.1-pic? I've seen a few packages
 > with this type of dependency and it worked well.

Good idea, looks to me the right way to do it,

I have just commit this change to the CVS repository. Is any new
upload of the boot-floppies package planned? 

If not, I propose to remove the boot-floppies deb from the Alpha CDs,
this would not be a problem as this package is mostly redondant with
the source package, does anybody object?



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