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Bug#34074: xdm login loop failure has happend to a newbie

In message <199903032136.WAA08104@ludwigV.sources.org> you wrote:
>I still do not see where is the problem or the bug. The boot-floppies packages 
>installs (more exactly, set selections) only for packages which are listed in 
>the preselections (the "master" file) and xbase is NOT in it. grep it if you 
>don't believe me.

Pardon me!  That's what I get for not using the source!

>> The fact is that newbie users shouldn't be pulling in xdm on thier
>> machines. 
>Hmmm, it means that Joe User will not have what he calls on Usenet "a 
>graphical login". It is a problem, too.
>> I know it's late to change this but I do think it's
>> important.  
>My personal opinion is: yes, it's too late, much too late. We have enough work 
>with "indisputable" bugs and I suggest to let "dubious" bugs live.

That's a valid POV.  I am happy to close the bug.  But I'd like to hear from 
<debian-testing> folks.  Because if the consensus is that xdm should not be
installed for the standard profiles, I don't think it's too late to fix this.

Here's the current master entries:

xdm: Tasks: Admin, C, Chinese, Database, Debian, Devel, Dialup, Doc, Fortran, Games, Graphics, Gui_devel, Lisp, Net_comp, Net_sel, Netadm, Newbie, News, Perl_devel, Plot, Prod, Python, Scheme, Science, Sgml, Sound, Standard, Tcl_devel, Tex, Web, Workst, X_comp, X_sel,  Profiles: Admin, Devel_comp, Devel_std, Dialup, Server_comp, Server_std, Standard, Work_sci, Work_std, 
xdm: Tasks: Games, Graphics, X_comp, X_sel,  Profiles: Admin, Devel_comp, Devel_std, Dialup, Work_sci, Work_std, 

As you can see, xdm is associated with a *lot* of the tasks and profiles.
This is what I have a problem with.

.....A. P. Harris...apharris@onShore.com...<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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