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Bug#34074: xdm login loop failure has happend to a newbie

On Wednesday 3 March 1999, at 14 h 34, 
Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> wrote:

>      `xbase' is now an effectively empty package that exists only to have
>      the package management system automatically "pull in" the new packages
> Since we're not upgrading it, we should never install it in the first
> place.

I still do not see where is the problem or the bug. The boot-floppies packages 
installs (more exactly, set selections) only for packages which are listed in 
the preselections (the "master" file) and xbase is NOT in it. grep it if you 
don't believe me.

> Users are going to experience many many problems installing xdm on
> their machine.  It is setup to start automatically (when there's a
> valid parsable XF86Config file, I believe).

Yes, if there is no XF86config, xdm is smart enough to give in.

>  This can lead to the
> notorious "infinite X11 reset loop" which is very very frustrating,
> confusing, and infuriating for users.

OK, xdm cannot run, so people cannot log in (we assume we talk about home 
machines without a network access) to fix it. They don't know CtrlAltF1 
either. Correct? May I suggest to document at least the CtrlAltF1 so they can 
go back to a text console?

> The fact is that newbie users shouldn't be pulling in xdm on thier
> machines. 

Hmmm, it means that Joe User will not have what he calls on Usenet "a 
graphical login". It is a problem, too.

> I know it's late to change this but I do think it's
> important.  

My personal opinion is: yes, it's too late, much too late. We have enough work 
with "indisputable" bugs and I suggest to let "dubious" bugs live.


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