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Re: another preselections issue

On Wednesday 3 March 1999, at 14 h 1, the keyboard of Adam Di Carlo 
<adam@onshore.com> wrote:

> There *are* libpam0g packages, and libpwdb0g packages.

Yes, but the packages in i386 and sparc do not have the same dependencies. 
Much more Sparc packages depend on these two libraries.

And there are a lot of packages which do not exist at all on the Sparc.

> Stephane> It is still not perfect because some packages in the Sparc
> Stephane> still depend on hamm stuff (e.g. xbase).
> Dude, you *totally* shouldn't be using xbase at all.

I do not. Sparc packages do it (for instance fvwm95). I suppressed them.
> Let me reiterate that: don't use the xbase pacakge!

xbase has been suppressed from the master files several CVS revisions ago.

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