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Re: Missing things for m68k

> 	 Package: egon
> 		libguile2
> 	 Package: gnurobots
> 		libguile2
> 	 Package: scwm
> 		libguile2
> 	 Package: tsiag
> 		libguile2
> 	 Package: xpw
> 		libguile2
> 	 Package: xsiag
> 		libguile2

guile isn't ported to m68k yet (aehm, it is, but no Debian package
with the package is available yet...) Those package probably do not
source-depend on guile, so they could be built, but later
runtime-depend on it (hardwired dependency in debian/control).

There's nothing we can do about this in slink :-( Either remove these
packages or let them there for the case that libguile will be
available later in unstable and the user can it install from there.

> 	 Package: gnome-panel
> 		libglib1.1.12(>= 1.1.12-1)
> 	 Package: gtop
> 		libglib1.1.12(>= 1.1.12-1)

Christian has recompiled some gnome stuff to remove these
dependencies. It seems his uploads aren't installed yet. (Or were
gtop/gnome-panel not recompiled?)

> 	 Package: gstep-base-examples
> 		gstep-base-dev(=

This is an Arch: all package and thus available for m68k, too. But
gstep-core (which produces gstep-base-dev) needs guile for building,
thus it isn't available yet.

> 	 Package: palm-doctoolkit
> 		palmpython(>= 0.5.2)

Similar too above (Arch: all), but palmpython seems to be unportable

> 	 Package: pilot-manager
> 		pilot-link-perl

pilot-link (source of pilot-link-perl) fails to build since some time.
The old version which is available for m68k doesn't provide
pilot-link-perl yet.

> 	 Package: python-history
> 		python-pdb

?? python-pdb is installed (1.1-7.1), and the dependency on it has no
version relation.

> 	 Package: wine-doc
> 		wine

Arch: all package; wine i386-specific.

> 	 Package: xlockmore-gl
> 		mesag2(>= 2.6)

xlockmore is uncompilable, too, because it wants to link with a
non-existant library libgtkfontsel or the like.


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