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Re: floppyless, network installation -- possible?

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Running thru a tftp installation on my new sparc, I realized that
> either I'm confused (and the documentation too), or you can't install
> floppyless/cd-less.
> For instance, sure, you can boot from tftp, but when you try to install
> the operating system and modules, you'll still need a non-network 
> installation mechanism, either floppy or CD.  You can't NFS at this
> point, nor can you use TFTP to get the kernel and the modules, AFAIK.
> Is this true?

You need to configure the network first. After that, you will be given a new
"nfs" entry in the list of sources.
I agree this item could appear in the alternate list of items but in the
meantime it just could be well documented ;-)

Hope this helps you.

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