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floppyless, network installation -- possible?

Running thru a tftp installation on my new sparc, I realized that
either I'm confused (and the documentation too), or you can't install

For instance, sure, you can boot from tftp, but when you try to install
the operating system and modules, you'll still need a non-network 
installation mechanism, either floppy or CD.  You can't NFS at this
point, nor can you use TFTP to get the kernel and the modules, AFAIK.

Is this true?

If that's the case, there are really 4 discrete installation media 
that you can kinda mix-n-match (in a constrained way, based on architecture
too, of course):

  * initial boot (rescue floppies, tftp, cdrom, OS loader)
  * install kernel and modules (floppies, CD, harddisk)
  * install base system (floppies, CD, harddisk, NFS)
  * install the rest (http, nfs, disk, etc etc etc)

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