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Re: Graphical install disks Ben Pfaff is doing

On Mon, 22 Feb, 1999, Ben Pfaff wrote:
> No, my current plan is have the graphical boot floppies be a separate
> set.  They can't work on all computers--just ones with VGA compatible
> graphics display.  So, for x86 at least, we'd have a series of
> floppies: standard, tecra, graphical, ...

EGA? I have at least one server here running with an ATI EGA Wonder, I believe
it is quite similar to VGA.

Could we make graphical the standard and non-graphical the exception? I think
I would prefer a text based install, but your average non-convert has been
taught by Microsoft to hate non-graphical interfaces. Maybe start with them
being an option until they are nice and stable and we have got a fb version of

Just think linux users not using the command line. Boot from graphical install
disks, loads graphical apt, installs and configures packages. The system is
now ready to go, on every boot it loads X through the gdm (gnome display 
manager). Login at a graphical prompt and run gnome apps from there. 

> Between two different floppies there would be different versions of
> programs, but not on a single floppy.  There isn't room.

bzip2 ?

> It is flexible enough that you could retarget it pretty easily for
> something not VGA compatible.

do arm, alpha and powerpc already use vga?
does that leave sparc, m68k 

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