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Re: LS/120s (was Re: Ready to build 2.1.7)

I wrote:
>Adam Di Carlo writes:
>>Ew, what's the point of using LS/120s if they just act like 14.4
>>floppies?  I guess it's 14.4 or nothing?  Could we optionally skip the
>>formatting step and assume the LS/120 floppy is properly formatted?
>Maybe... I was looking to fix the "can't create boot disk" problem on the
>LS/120. The boot disk is only 1.44 MB anyway, so I think this covers it.
>Given a little more time (I'll have another look tomorrow) I may be able
>to decipher the format used by DOS for the 120MB LS/120 disks...

I didn't get the time to do this in the end; things were a little too
busy. But - we at least have a way of making standard 1.44MB boot floppies
on the LS/120 drives, which we didn't before. Is this going to make it
onto the boot-floppies?

If we want to go the LS/120 route properly in the future, it should be
entirely possible to target on as a location for install, even. But I'm
not going to push that now... :-)

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