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Re: pb compiling the latest boot-floppies from the CVS tree

On Sunday 24 January 1999, at 21 h 21, 
Eric Delaunay <delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr> wrote:

> Packages that should be moved to i386 & alpha archictectures only:

Are you sure they don't work on m68k? What do m68k people said? In the mean 
time, I've followed your advice.

BTW, I sent two weeks ago a note on every debian-$architecture mailing list 
asking for such a review and got no reply at all, from nobody. No wonder that 
the non-i386 architectures are far behind for the slink release.

> xserver-mach64
> xserver-s3
> xserver-svga
> isapnptools

The above works on the Alpha? Funny, but after all, Sun ships UltraSparc10 
with an IDE disk...

> svgalibg1
> vgacardgames        (depends on svgalibg1)
> vgagamespack        (depends on svgalibg1)
> lincity-svga        (depends on svgalibg1)
> luxman              (depends on svgalibg1)


> xserver-vga16
> lilo

Of course, sorry. But I believe that lilo is included by the base 
installation, anyway. silo and milo should be included as well.

> Packages that should be added to sparc:


> chimera2 in task Net_sel depends on "libpng2" which is not in the same task

This is a case of arch-dependant dependencies. On the i386, chimera2 depends 

Depends: libc6, libjpegg6a, libpng0g, xlib6g (>= 3.3-5), zlib1g

probably because it has not been recompiled for a long time. libpng2 added. I 
really should test the master file with Packages for all the "frozen" 
architectures. Since the packages have been compiled at different times, they 
have different dependencies.

> Package lpr is standard or important but is not requested by any task (or profile)

It is not a bug. It has been discussed on debian-boot (and, I think, 
debian-devel). The master file does not follow the priorities of the package. 
lpr is labeled important but the master file prefers lprng.

> Package info in profile Basic depends on "zlib1g" which is not in the same profile

Not in my Packages file, nor in <http://www.debian.org/Packages/frozen/doc/info
.html>. Can you send me the Depends: on yours? info can handles .gz files?

> Package xacc in task Prod depends on "libjpeg62" which is not in the same task

libjpeg* seems a real mess anyway... xacc seems to depend on libjpegg6a. I 
checked that the two libraries are always included together.
> Who is responsible of maintaining the master file ? 

I am. (It is indicated in the master file itself.)

> Could he take care of my notes above 

Done and commited in the CVS tree. Can you test it?

> and generate a new file or do I have to do it myself then post a
> patch ?

You can commit yourself if you wish, just be sure to use a nice log message 
(the debian-boot list receives the CVS commit messages.

>> PPS: how do you include a package only for a sublist of architectures (like
>      i386 & alpha) ?  Could I write some sentence like
>      [I386|ALPHA:some-package... :I386|ALPHA]

isapnptools: Tasks: Admin, Profiles: Admin, Dialup,


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