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Debian Boot Floppies CVS: boot-floppies aph

CVSROOT:	/debian/home/sr1/lib/cvs
Module name:	boot-floppies
Changes by:	aph	99/01/19 03:35:05

Modified files:
	documentation  : install.sgml 

Log message:
mostly m68k changes!  Integrate 85% of Frank's Amiga install manual

conditionalize all pcmcia stuff using %supports-pcmcia

<sect>Supported Storage Systems -- floppies not supprted in mac/amiga

<sect>Peripherals and Other Hardware -- m68k is good

<sect>Recommended Partitioning Scheme -- macs and ataris don't like to
swap, don't ask me why

<sect1>Partitioning in AmigaOS -- new

<sect1>Installing from AmigaOS -- new

<sect>&SELECT-DISPLAY-COLOR -- metion amiga A2024 is b/w

<sect>&MSG-INITIALIZE-SWAP; -- updated, reorganized

<sect>&MSG-INITIALIZE-LINUX; -- reconcile to dbootstrap

<sect>&MSG-INSTALL-OS; -- talk more about local disk installation

<sect>&MSG-CONFIGURE-MODULES; -- rewrote

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