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Bug#31099: 31099: boot-floppies error report

On Wed, 06 Jan 1999 11:52:29 -0600, job bogan <job@piquin.uchicago.edu> said:
> I hit part of this problem while doing a clean slink install w/ the
> 2.1.4 disks. (using install.bat from dos)

> Basicly, if you had started the pcmcia stuff before doing the base
> install, the untaring of base2_1.tgz will fail because cardctl is in
> use (the message was something like "error: text file cardctl
> busy").

Interesting.  I had no problem actually installing base via PCMCIA
network link (NFS) with 2.1.4.  I'll retest this.  I *thought* 2.1.4
fixed all this.

> i'd be happy to play with it more or give more details.

You're sure it was 2.1.4 right?

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