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Empty quotes in install.txt

I assume that all these empty quotes are intended to have contents?
>From the install.txt dated 28 December, 1998:

hasler/~/boot-floppies grep \`\`\'\' install.txt
  document, see ``''.
  kernel.  ``'' contains a discussion of how to do this.  At this time
  support bootable CD's (see ``''), you should be able to do a
  options, such as tftp, depending on your platform.  See ``'' for more
  with a lot of drivers which will never be used (see ``'' to learn how
  installed.  See ``'' below for information on setting up PPP under
  drive) to start the installation process. See ``'' below for details.
  won't need any floppies at all. See ``'' below for more information on
  parity and true-parity SIMMs; see ``''.
  alternative for some users; see ``''.
  previous system.  As explained in the ``'', decreasing the size of an
  3. Skip down to ``''.
  4. Skip down to ``''
  CD.  Then, skip down to ``''
  installation as explained in ``''.  Do not forget to insert the module
  See ``'' below for more instructions.
  from the Low-Memory Boot Disk (see ``'' below). If you boot from a
  should also read ``'' above.  You must create at least one ``Linux

John Hasler
john@dhh.gt.org (John Hasler)
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, WI

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