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Bug#14451: About Debian bug #14451 (Was: A few thoughts about 2.1.4

On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> Looking at the original bug report, I would guess that the boot hang
> was caused by one of the cards in the system hanging the box as a
> certain IO address is probed.  My general advice is for the user to
> remove every PCI,ISA, etc card they possibly can to install and try
> again.

We have removed _all_ cards or replaced the absolutely needed ones
(graphics, floppy) with others. The problem didn't disappear since we
replaced the mainboard.

But in fact, the whole story has happened more than one year ago, much
things have happened in the Linux world since then, and today, the most
probable solution to a problem like this would be to say to the vendor:
"Your hardware is broken." That times, the answer was: "Your Linux is
broken.", which I could not neglect. Today, this would not be that easy
for the vendor, not only because my experience with Linux (and vendors, by
the way) has increased a lot, but also because Linux is much more accepted
these days.

Ciao, Dirk

(who was very surprised that he heard something about this 1997 stuff in

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