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Re: boot-floppies for RAID, and 1.74 Mo rescue disk

Note that RAID 0/1/4/5 device support is in the 2.0.35 kernel (though not as
sophisticated as in 2.1.x - in particular, booting from a RAID partition is
unsupported), and hence will presumably be on the slink boot disks.

Having the necessary mdrun etc commands is a separate problem, and probably
depends on the amount of space left on the rescue disk after they've been
shoehorned into 1440KB. I'd find it useful, as I have a number of RAIDed
systems, and in an emergency (lost root partition) I wouldn't be able to
mount them without first doing an install. 

Being able to do RAID at install time sounds like a potato issue. Setting up
RAID 1-5 on a 2.0.x system is not easy and should get a lot simpler with a
2.2 kernel.

I believe there's 1440KB install disks appearing soon, so I wouldn't worry
too much about the 1743KB ones.

Ian Redfern (redferni@logica.com).

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