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boot-floppies for RAID, and 1.74 Mo rescue disk

Hi there,

two things here :
1) easy RAID support in the boot-floppies package
2) stuff about 1743 Ko rescue disk in debian/slink

I sent a few weeks ago a small patch to the boot-floppies package
maintainer about raid devices.
I think that it would be really easy to add some raid support at almost
no cost :
suppose we have a rescue disk with a kernel > 2.1.129. Then on the
command line, we could type in

Linux md=0,-1,0,0,/dev/sdb1,/dev/sdc1

to create a linear raid device /dev/md0 (see linux/Documentation/md.txt)
2.1.129 is required because negative integers on the command line
wasn't recognized before.

Then, in the whole process of installing Debian, a /dev/md0 will be
After that, it's only a matter of adding the /dev/md[0-3] family of
devices to the "trylist" in boot-floppies/utilities/libfdisk/fdisk.c

The thing can even be pushed a little further : with this, one could
even have the root filesystem stay one one of those raid devices (linear
or raid0 level only). what about a big 8 Go filesystem on / ?

Second point :
I found your 1743 Ko rescue disk in slink a few weeks ago, and I am
still striving to use them. I guess that I've got to use fdutils,
right ?
but I couldn't have my computer boot on it anyway I try. Any help
out there ?


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