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Re: New feature for 0.6.103

Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> writes:
> This opened the need to use class Deb822List which is inside
> blend-gen-control.  You mentioned that you plan to provide a Python
> module for reusing such classes.  What is your plan to provide this
> module?  I did a very bloody hack for testing my method which I do not
> even want to commit but rather wait for your suggestion to proceed more
> cleanly.

I indeed would like to have most of blend-gen-control separated in a
"debian.blends" package, since it is re-usable for f.e. the web page.

Deb822List should really go to debian.deb822; I am however still not
happy about __init__(), since aside from being initialized with a list,
it should be initializable with a file. Once this is implemented (Merge
Requests are welcome :-) ), I will open a wishlist/patch bug for

Best regards


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