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Bug#825161: blends-dev: please introduce something like compat level

Control: tag -1 pending

Hi Holger,

I am going to re-write the blends-gen-control utility in blends-dev in
Python 3:


(preliminary development repository; will merge into the blends package).

This utilizes an optional field "Format" in the tasks file, f.e.

Format: https://blends.debian.org/blends/1.1
Task: Education
Description: Educational applications
 Various applications that can be used to teach.


When this field is there, it is interpreted as format version, and the
code can take care of different formats. In the moment, it distinguishes
here between downgrading the dependency level (for format < 1.1) and
keeping them (format >= 1.1). If the format is not given, 1.0 is assumed.

Could you tell me whether this fits your needs here?

Best regards


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