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Bug#834239: blends-tasks: Add FreedomBox to debian-blends-tasks

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Quoting Erik Josefsson (2016-08-14 10:37:48)
> On 14/08/16 08:51, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>> To me that sounds like in its current state you will not get a 
>> working blend without that custom script, and I therefore recommend 
>> to postpone inclusion of FreedomBox into debian-blends-tasks until 
>> fixed.
> What do you mean with "fixed"?
> That "that custom script" (i.e. a script to access Plinth via a web 
> interface?) is made into a package that you can file bugs against?

What I mean needs "fixing" here is the ability for FreedomBox to deliver 
(at least core parts of) its promises within the constraints of being a 
Debian Pure blend.

In my opinion debian-blends-tasks should list only blends where at least 
core parts of its features works when installed - i.e. without any 
non-Debian installation steps.

A blend that promises provisioning of some networked services without 
need for shell access, but when installed as a Debian Pure blend has web 
access blocked and requires shell access to change that doesn't deliver 
on its promise.

Yes, some packages in Debian require additional non-Debian installation 
steps - but none of those (I believe) promise to provide a user 
environment, only a building block for setting up an environment.

I sincerely hope¹ that fixing bug#834239 also fixes this issue.

 - Jonas

¹ Purely for the sake of argument, as I expect FreedomBox developers to 
genuinely want address the issue, not try find loopholes in definitions: 
Maybe a) the script could be integrated as-is which (I guess) would 
cause the package to no longer comply with Debian Policy and therefore 
no longer be a Debian Pure blend, or b) promises could be weakened by 
(re)defining the blend to include something like "$these otherwise core 
features are optional when installed from Debian".

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