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[UDD] unexpected changes of values in table upstream


when I query for the possible values of status I get:

udd=> select status, count(*) from upstream group by status ;
            status            | count 
                              |  4420
 newer package available      |  4409
 up to date                   | 12650
 error                        |  2716
 only older package available |   914
(5 Zeilen)

In the Blends code I'm querying for

 'Newer version available'
 'up to date'
 'Debian version newer than remote site'

so these were the old values the upstream table was featuring until some
point in time.  I have no idea why and when (and also why without
warning) this was changed but I think even from the meaning the new
values are wrong:

  There is no "newer *package* available" since there is no such
  package at upstream site.

Also the meaning of "only older package available" is pretty unclear
compared to the string used formerly.  Could anybody please explain the
background of this change?  If you ask me I'd vote for reverting the
change not only it breaks at least two applications in the web sentinel
but may be more.

Strangely enough I do not find any change inside UDD code that might be
resonsible for this change.  As far as I can see the table is feed in
rimporters/upstream.rb but this code was not changed and the strings
above do not occure in whole UDD code.  So may be the change happended
at some different place but is affecting UDD in an unfortunate manner.

Kind regards



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