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Re: Debian Pure Blends Webpages


On Sun, Jan 24, 2016 at 01:37:41PM +0100, Ole Streicher wrote:
> I have some comments here (based on the build Sat, Jan 23 19:25:09 UTC 2016):
> The font within the tables is smaller than the regular font. IMO this
> makes it a harder to read, and also doesn't look very aesthetically
> (just my opinion). I would try to restrict the number of fonts (and
> sizes) to a minimum.

The tables use the same CSS class as the tables at
https://www.debian.org/ports/. I used it for consistency across the pages.
If the tables should be different, this change should be applied across the
whole website. I am happy to implement anything where there is consensus on
the debian-www mailing list, but the discussion would have to happen there.

> All entries in the "Description" Column have the format "The goal of
> $BLEND is". This looks like an unneeded redundancy: you could just
> rename the column from "Description" to "Goal" and remove the first
> few words.

For these descriptions, these should be useful to users as well as
developers. I'm not happy with them as they currently are. Note that these
have already been translated and any changes will create work for the
translators as they will need new translations. I would like it if there is
consistency across them, but unless I can find time, I would need someone
else to propose the changes to make. I'm not even sure the descriptions I've
put are even accurate, as they were gathered from a number of sources. I
don't know if we do a blends census but that might also be a good idea to
see what is happening with each blend.

> This can be taken even further: the continuation then is "... to
> provide|develop|support|...". Maybe, one could even rename this column
> to "Targetted audience" (or similar, sorry: I am not a native english
> speaker)? This would reduce the text of the page quite much, which
> would make the small font even more unneeded.
> Sure, this is more a content point that part of the web site, but maybe
> we could edit our content here?

If we have changes that are good and will be good for an extended time, then
I'm happy to apply them.

> A third suggestion: Many blends have their own logo. For the overview,
> it may be nice to have the logo there as well.

I would not want to display logos for every blend, although I would be happy
to have a featured blends section which showed more detail about selected
blends including logos.



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