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Re: Re: Questions on building a blend

Hi Andreas and thanks for the reply.

Andreas Tille wrote:
> may be this link is answering some of your questions:
>   http://blends.debian.org/blends/ch07.html

The Debian Pure Blends document is great and also pretty
inspiring. I have it on my computer along with Debian
Policy and Debian Developers' Reference. I've been using
them all as reference.

In terms of Chapter 7, initial discussion happened on this
mailing list. We now have a mailing list set up. We do have
a wiki page, but the other issues about web space need to
be resolved as I listed in my last post.

Our project is set up on alioth and we have a repository.
A formal announcement on debian-devel-announce would be
great and very helpful to get more people involved. I
can't do it, since I'm not a Debian developer.

Getting down to "project structure" I think the project
is pretty well mapped out and I can explain it and also
Jonas. I can't do the actual packaging yet, but I could
in some time if I have to.

Returning now to my original questions...how do I get a
link on blends.debian.org, how do I set up webspace at
blends.debian.org/fluxbox and how do I get tasks to
automatically populate.

I will leave out the questions about packaging, since
those are separate issues.

Thanks again for your time, I appreciate it!

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