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Re: Dynamically injecting preseeding file into a trusted installer image

Quoting Erik Josefsson (2015-11-30 09:16:59)
[skipping parts already covered nicely by Petter]

> When we set up the 10 Lenovo laptops for the DebianParl project, there 
> was a lot of work to come to the point where we could "start from 
> scratch" so that we could know to some extent which problems users 
> could run into on each machine. The preseeding method finally worked, 
> but it would have been awesome if we instead could have had a trusted 
> installer image from Lenovo in the same way as Olimex provides Olimex 
> images for Olimex boards:
> https://olimex.wordpress.com/2015/11/06/debian-8-jessie-is-finally-released-for-olinuxino-boards/#comment-20272

I trust Olimex to produce hardware, and to provide *test* software for 
initially verifying that the hardware is not broken - but I do not trust 
them to provide software for actual use.

 - Jonas

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