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Re: Blends web pages relocation

On Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 3:31 AM, Charles Plessy wrote:

> I have a comment about the description at the top of the page: prospective
> users do not care about how Blends were called in the past, and how bad that
> name was; they want to know why Blends are good :)

Agreed. I think the existing paragraphs in the "Learn More" section
are the best user-targeted introduction to the concept of Debian pure
blends and the existing introduction should be replaced by that.

> I also find the "Learn More" section redundant with the introduction above;
> probably they can be blended ;) Maybe "Learn More" would be a good place to
> explain more in details how to install the Blends (in the end, was support
> enabled in Jessie's Debian Installer ?), what are "tasks" or "metapackages",
> how to find them, how metapackages work in Debian (what happens or not when
> removed), and whether it is possible to install two blends at the same time.

Great suggestion.

> Lastly, small detail: how about adding "(Medical and Life sciences)" after
> "Debian Med" in the list of released blends ?

Probably each blend deserves a title, paragraph and small logo instead
of just a title.



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